Collection Archiving and Care

We Provide the following Collection Archiving and Care Services:

Acquisition consultation

Complete inventory

Customized database, specific to your collection’s needs and your budget, for storage and easy retrieval of all records including:

  • Digital photographs and conservation history
  • Provenance and purchase information
  • Condition reports and conservation history
  • Exhibition history and bibliography
  • Scholarly research
  • Loan and de-accessioning tracking
  • Sales History
  • Apprisals
  • Contacts

Condition survey and prioritization of conservation needs

Assessment of insurance needs; assistance in obtaining appropriate coverage

Survey of storage and exhibition space; suggestions for appropriate improvements to environmental conditions and handling guidelines or design and setup of new storage space to guarantee that your art is stored in a conservationally sounds manner

Review of Lending policies and contracts

Strategic long range and Estate planning

Exhibition planning and installation

We are connected with the most talented individuals and companies in the field to ensure that you are provided with highest quality services.

We are liaison to:

  • Fine Art Insurance companies to secure the best rates and most appropriate policies
  • Shipping agents to assure the most competitive rates for safe packing and handling
  • Conservators for proper conservation and care
  • Fine Art Appraisers for appropriate and up to date valuations

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